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affordable & Professional Stage Combat education in NE Ohio & surrounding Areas


Storytelling. Safety. Consent.

stage combat education & choreography for students & actors


There are no more truthful stories told onstage than those told through action.

In successful stage combat, It is imperative to create truthful storytelling, moment to moment, by combining the martial techniques of history with the playwrights’ theatrical vision. When set upon a foundation of safety and consent, actors can bring exceptional moment of live action to life before our eyes.

Combatants should never dread their choreography—they should revel in it. Using the strengths of the combatant and a spirit of collaboration allows the actor/student to not only perform, but to shine.

In short, students and actors must be set up to excel and grow. This cannot be done without a fully established environment of safety and consent. When this trust is established, actors can excel in their technical proficiency and storytelling techniques, and look darn good doing it.






Ohio Shakespeare Festival

103 S. High Street Akron Ohio 44308





Ryan Zarecki

Ryan has been teaching/directing/choreographing violence for over a decade. He trained in Chicago with the Babes with Blades and the Society of American Fight Directors. With his fight partner Tess Burgler, he has dedicated himself to bringing beautiful and professional stage combat choreography to Northeast Ohio with a philosophy of safety, consent, and communication.


Tess Burgler

Tess was bitten by the stage combat bug after having the chance to play d’Artagnan (Three Musketeers….) after a lifetime of playing the pretty princess roles. She is dedicated to continuing to hone her personal craft, and she is particularly passionate about training and working with even more female-identifying combatants.

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